Wholesale and retail supply of electricity and gas

Sales of electricity distribution services Results within key customer segments

Electricity supply is conducted by the Supply Segment companies, with respect to the wholesale trading of electricity, natural gas and other products of the energy market as well as with respect to retail electricity and natural gas supply.

TAURON’s wholesale trading operations comprise mainly wholesale of electricity, trading and management of CO2 emission allowances, property rights arising from the certificates of origin of electricity as well as natural gas. Such activities are performed, first and foremost, for the needs of securing the buy and sell positions of TAURON Capital Group’s entities.

TAURON was actively participating in daily electricity auctions as part of the inter-system exchange on the Polish-German, Polish-Czech and Polish-Slovak border. The trading on the German market was carried out through the participation in the EPEX Spot exchange. On the other hand, on the Czech and Slovak markets the trading is performed through a subsidiary, TAURON Czech Energy, via which the Company is present on the OTE a.s. (Czech Republic) and OKTE a.s. (Slovakia) exchanges. Furthermore, on the German market the Company was active with respect to trading in financial instruments, such as futures, through the EEX exchange. The Company is operating on the wholesale markets in Poland and abroad, and it is also trading in all segments of the domestic energy market, i.e. on the intraday market, the day-ahead market and the forward market. The Company is an active participant of TGE (PPX).

With respect to the wholesale gas fuels trading operations the Company is an active participant of the gas market run by TGE, carries out transactions on the SPOT market as well as on the commodity forward market (RTT) products. It is involved in the proprietary trading activity on the international gas exchange POWERNEXT Pegas (as of January 1, 2020, The European Energy Exchange). The Company is present on the following hubs: GASPOOL, New Connect Germany and Tittle Transfer Facility. TAURON is operating on the foreign markets due to the agreements concluded by the Company with the German transmission system operators: GASCADE Gastransport and ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH as well as Czech NET4GAS s.r.o. 

Furthermore, the Company is a participant of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) on the National Balancing Point (NBP) hub. Gaining of access to the hubs is a consequence of the activity aimed at increasing TAURON’s gas related competences and access to the new sources. The volume of the OTC market transactions concluded by the Company is also successively increasing. 

By operating on the gas market, the Company is securing the commodity supplies for the entities of TAURON Capital Group; moreover, proptrading operations are carried out on the RTT market, aimed at taking advantage of the volatility of gas prices to generate additional margins. TAURON is also a participant of the European transmission capacity trading platform PRISMA European Capacity Platform GmbH, where purchasing of inter-system (interconnector) transmission capacities takes place. With respect to booking transmission capacity on the Polish market the Company is operating as a participant of the GSA GAZ-SYSTEM Aukcje auction platform.