Other Operations

Supply Segment Discontinued Operations

The Other Operations Segment’s subsidiaries revenue was 14% higher in 2020, as compared to 2018, which was primarily due to an increase of the revenue from the higher sales of biomass to TAURON Capital Group’s subsidiaries and the sales of the other services, including, among others, the sales of the by-products of the combustion and extraction.

Other Operations Segment’s 2019-2020 financial data

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Item (PLN ‘000) 2019 2020 Change in % (2020/2019) Change in % (2020-2019
Sales revenue 979,911 1,114,493 114% 134,582
customer service services 215,785  237,279 110% 21,494
support services 481,000 511,646 106% 30,646
biomass 118,546 156,472 132% 37,926
aggregates 106,573 104,173 98% -2,400
Other revenue 58,007 104,923 181% 46,916
EBIT  46,152 136,174 295% 90,022
Depreciation and write-downs 90,034 93,140 103% 3,106
EBITDA 136,186 229,314 168% 93,128

Major investments (CAPEX)

The Other Operations Segment subsidiaries’ capital expenditures came in at PLN 248 million in total in 2020 and they included mainly outlays related to the IT systems, including PLN 101 million for the broadband internet construction project as part of the POPC III program.

Other Operations Segment subsidiaries’ 2019-2020 financial data


In Other operations, the main consumers of the shared services provided include, first and foremost, the Distribution and Supply Segments, for which the projects with respect to customer service are implemented and finalized, while at the same ensuring the highest quality of service. In addition, the services for TAURON Capital Group’s subsidiaries are provided, with respect to, among others, financial and accounting services, human resources and payroll services, IT services, property security services, fleet management services and the real estate management services. Such activities enable achieving synergy effects across TAURON Capital Group and improve cost efficiency.