15. Other operating revenues and costs

Table 1

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Year ended
31 December 2020
Year ended
31 December 2019
(restated figures)
Surplus of reversal of actuarial provisions for the existing pensioners and disability pensioners 225,515
Income from co-financing the costs of compensation benefits under the crisis shield 64,680
Subsidies/grants and revenue representing the equivalent of amortization/depreciation charges
from subsidies to or free of charge received fixed assets
32,293 36,011
Penalties, fines, compensations received or receivable 56,879 53,206
Result on the disposal of non-financial fixed assets and costs of damages to non-current assets (14,737) (9,522)
Costs of court proceedings, fines and damages (10,875) (8,810)
Write-off for abandoned investments and production (2,445) (45,630)
Surplus of other provisions (recognized)/derecognized (1 992) 10,456
The result of the bargain purchase of wind farms from the in.ventus group 119,515
Other operating income 43,583 18,011
Other operating expenses (54,602) (28,033)
Total 338,299 145,154

In the year ended 31 December 2020 recognised the effects of the reversal by Group companies of actuarial provisions for the employee tariff in the part for pensioners. The impact of the reversal of the above provisions on the increase in other operating revenue of continuing operations amounted to PLN 255,515 thousand (including PLN 196,409 thousand in the Distribution segment). The total amount of the provisions released in the part for pensioners was PLN 233,911 thousand, of which PLN 8,396 thousand was presented as part of discontinued operations. The aforementioned events are presented in detail in Note 40.1 to these consolidated financial statements.