18. Income Tax

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Current Tax

Income tax recognised in profit or loss for the period includes actual tax charge for the given reporting period of individual companies constituting the Tax Capital Group (“TCG”) as well as other non-TCG companies, determined in line with the binding provisions of the Act on corporate income tax and potential adjustments of tax settlements for previous years.

Deferred Tax

The Group recognises a deferred tax assets and liabilities arising from temporary differences between the book value of assets and liabilities and their tax value, as well as a tax loss deductible in the future.

The deferred tax asset is recognised only if its realization is probable, i.e. if it is expected that a taxable profit sufficient to use the asset will be generated in the future.

Income tax relating to items recognised in other comprehensive income or directly in equity, is recognised in other comprehensive income or equity, respectively.

The deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities of the companies forming the Tax Capital Group are set off due to the fact that these companies file a joint tax return.


The Group assesses the realisability and verifies unrecognised deferred tax assets at each balance sheet date.

Based on the forecasts prepared for the TGC, according to which taxable income will be earned in future periods, it has been concluded that there is no risk that the deferred tax asset recognised in these consolidated financial statements will not be realised.