17. Costs arising from leases

The table below presents the total charge to profit or loss of continuing operations and discontinued activities due to lease agreements where Group companies are the lessee.

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Year ended
31 December 2020
Year ended
31 December 2019
Cost arising from leases recognized in accordance with MSSF 16 Leases, including: (151,914) (137,849)
Depreciation of right-of-use assets (101,974) (93,049)
Cost of interest on lease liabilities (49,940) (44,800)
Cost arising from leases for which practical exclusion from MSSF 16 Leases has been applied, including: (17,741) (20,240)
Cost of short–term leases (15,403) (19,877)
Cost of low-value asset leases (266) (111)
Variable lease charges not included in the measurement of lease liabilities (2,072) (252)
Total (169,655) (158,089)