14.2 Employee benefit expenses

Table 1

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Year ended
31 December 2020
Year ended
31 December 2019
(restated figures)
Wages and salaries (2,172,267) (2,145,013)
Social security costs (430,618) (418,459)
Jubilee bonuses (46,740) (89,507)
Social Fund (64,772) (52,265)
Post-employment benefit expenses, of which: 198,202 (87,092)
Provision for retirement, disability and similar benefits (26,081) (15,963)
Coal allowances and special electricity rates and charges 291,136 (8,978)
Social Benefits Fund (4,587) (2,736)
Contributions to employee retirement plans (62,266) (59,415)
Voluntary termination scheme (5,935) 10,984
Other employee benefit expenses (94,964) (109,321)
Total (2,617,094) (2,890,673)
Items included in cost of sales (1,704,107) (1,893,321)
Items included in selling and distribution expenses (195,582) (228,434)
Items included in administrative expenses (352,239) (386,291)
Items included in cost of goods produced for internal purposes (365,166) (382,627)


The decrease in the cost of jubilee bonuses in the current period compared to the comparative period is mainly due to a change in the assumptions adopted for the actuarial valuation as at the balance sheet date – the Group recognised actuarial losses on provisions for jubilee bonuses in the financial result in the year 2020 in the amount of PLN 7,650 thousand (PLN 66,773 thousand in 2019).

The decrease in energy tariff costs in the current period compared to the comparative period is mainly due to the recognition of the effects of the reversal of provisions for employee tariff in part on current employees as future pensioners, which contributed to the reduction of operating costs from continuing operations in the amount of PLN 297,175 thousand. The total amount of the provisions released in the part for employees was PLN 299,408 thousand, of which PLN 2,233 thousand was presented as part of discontinued operations. The above events are described in more detail in Note 40.1 to these consolidated financial statements.