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Value lever (driver) prospects

Personnel and organizational culture Our environment

Some of TAURON Group’s value levers are particularly important in the near term, while others will become more and more important as changes expected in the environment materialize and new challenges appear. Regardless, all value levers are complementary and make up TAURON Capital Group’s entire business operations. They complement one another and shape the Group’s presence and future.

We have no doubt, however, that both today as well as in the near and more distant future, TAURON’s most important asset will be the customers. Over time, through changes to the energy model, it is assumed that customers will also become partners and, as prosumers, will use natural resources and shape the image of the future power sector.

In the long run, the key capitals, in addition to the social capital of the customer relations – on which TAURON Group will focus, will be the intellectual capital and the natural capital. The ability to offer innovative solutions, ensuring the development of young employees and respect for the environment, including climate, are the most important success factors that will determine TAURON Group’s growth in the future.

Prospects of value levers as well as the significance and impact of the individual elements on TAURON Capital Group