Modern infrastructure

New businesses Ability to access and use the natural capital

The development of modern infrastructure is extremely important due to the increasing decarbonization and the EU energy and climate policy, the increase in the prices of the CO2 emission allowances, the progressing process of reducing the financing of the coal investments or changes in the behavior of individual and business customers.

As part of the Green Turn of TAURON, the Group’s assets are being optimized by potentially making the portfolio of the mining and heating assets more flexible or by shutting down all old coal-fired units (keeping only modern conventional units: Łagisza 460 MW and Jaworzno 910 MW).

In 2020, TAURON Group, despite the coronavirus pandemic, completed major investments, such as the construction of a 910 MW unit in Jaworzno and a 450 MW CCGT unit in Stalowa Wola. The resulting infrastructure uses the latest electricity production technology and environment protection installations, allowing it to meet the most stringent standards.

TAURON Group is also continuing an expansion and modernization of its electricity distribution grid. Thanks to the modern infrastructure, TAURON will provide reliable electricity supply and ability to connect distributed energy sources.

In accordance with the Update of the Strategic Directions that assumes an increase in the share of the low- and zero-emission sources in TAURON Group’s generation mix to more than 65% in 2030, TAURON Group’s subsidiaries are steadfastly developing projects related to new RES capacities.

In 2020, TAURON Group completed the construction of a 5 MW photovoltaic farm on the post-industrial land of the decommissioned coal-fired power plant in Jaworzno. In accordance with the assumptions of the Green Turn of TAURON, by 2025 the Group is planning to have approx. 300 MW in photovoltaic farms and approx. 1,100 MW in onshore wind energy.

Moreover, TAURON Group’s ambition is to use offshore wind, which is a large and inexhaustible resource of clean energy, however, any involvement in this type of infrastructure will depend on public support for such projects and the Group’s financial capabilities.