TAURON Group’s Strategy for 2016-2025 currently in place and the Update of Strategic Directions, defined as the Green Turn of TAURON, adopted in May 2019, takes into account changes in the market and regulatory environment in order to use the resources available in the optimum manner. The activities implemented as part of TAURON Group’s Strategy focus on building lasting relationships with the consumers of the products and services and they constitute the basis for the Group’s growth, treating customer-centricity as one of the most important value levers.

TAURON Capital Group is operating in all key areas of the energy market, and therefore it is managing each successive element of the energy chain: starting from extraction and acquisition of the thermal fuel, through generation, trading and distribution of electricity and heat, up to the supply thereof to the final consumers. Modern infrastructure is a significant lever of value in order to ensure stable electricity supply at a competitive price, meet stringent environmental standards and reduce the negative impact on the climate. TAURON Group’s value chain has also been extended to include the innovation ecosystem, thanks to which one of TAURON Group’s value levers include new businesses that are developed at the interface between innovation and key business segments.

As part of the Green Turn of TAURON the Group attaches great importance to investments in renewable energy sources and to replacing exhausted conventional sources with modern solutions. In this respect, significant value levers include natural capital as well as the investment and restructuring potential, which, on one hand, allow for achieving the greatest possible independence from external suppliers, and, on the other hand, provide the potential to respond to changes and adapt thereto.

In order to achieve the goals outlined in TAURON Group’s Strategy in the best possible way and to follow the Green Turn of TAURON, it is also necessary to develop competences and strengthen the commitment of the workforce. Organizational culture and employees are therefore an important value lever. Organizational culture and employees enable implementing current as well as future business goals that will constitute a source of competitive advantage.

Analyzing its value levers, the Group is highlighting the market and regulatory changes, progressing climate changes, and is analyzing and implementing preventive measures that would allow for continuing its business operations in the long run. It is assumed that the transition of TAURON’s value levers will be taking place in an evolutionary manner, through the implementation of the Group’s Strategy.