Value creation model and relations among capitals New businesses

According to TAURON Group’s Strategy and the Update of Strategic Directions, defined as the Green Turn of TAURON, the customer is always at the center of attention. In all of its activities TAURON focuses on developing lasting relationships with the consumer of its products and services, and the strengthening of the customer relations is the basis for the Group’s assumed growth.

The number of customers – both those who are connected to the distribution grid, as well as those who have chosen the products and services offered by TAURON Group – continues to grow.

In the short and medium term, TAURON Group’s priority is to improve its products and services in response to customer needs, also by shaping the offering in accordance with the sustainable development principles. Over the past year, there has been a significant acceleration in the construction of individual, prosumer photovoltaic installations. This is a trend which, in the opinion of TAURON Group, will be continued and should result in expanding the scope of cooperation with the customers. In this aspect, the Group is becoming a partner and the supplier-consumer relationship will evolve towards services sharing.

The next goal is to simplify and optimize the communications processes between the customer and TAURON Group, as well as to continuously improve electronic communications channels.

TAURON Group wants to continue activities aimed at improving the quality of the services provided, and an example of this is the launched online platform for the exchange of information with the customer called the Opinion Zone, which is promoting the slogan: “Your voice has power! We will hear. We will improve”. This platform enables conducting systematic and extensive research, which is the starting point for introducing improvements in customer service and developing useful products and services.

TAURON Group is offering customers modern products and services to meet the customized expectations of selected groups. For this reason, an innovation ecosystem has been created, which, apart from issues related to continuous improvement of technology and reduction of negative impact on the environment, is equally focused on the tailoring the offering to the needs of the current and future customers in the best possible manner. It is assumed that electricity cost increases are likely to translate into increased interest in the activities aimed at improving energy efficiency, which will amplify the demand for products and services related to the improvement of energy efficiency. This will allow TAURON Group to enrich the range of products and services offered. The improvement of energy efficiency will result, in addition to the financial aspects, also from the growing public awareness of the need to reduce the negative impact on the climate.

In the long run, TAURON Group’s priorities with respect to customer centricity will remain unchanged, and the issues related to providing high quality products and services as well as an easy, interactive communications platform will be key to achieving success on the market. The tools of mutual communications will be subject to change, shifting towards an increasing role of interactivity, shortening of the processes and increasing the transparency. It is assumed that a further development of individual power generation installations and the expected digitization of the metering (smart metering) will increase competition on the energy and energy related services market, while deepening TAURON Group’s partnership relations with customers.