TAURON Group’s Subsidiaries Employee Recruitment, Selection and Adaptation Policy

TAURON Group’s Human Capital Management Policy TAURON Capital Group’s Policy of compliance with the Principles of Ethics and Counteracting Mobbing and Discrimination
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TAURON Group’s Subsidiaries Employee Recruitment, Selection and Adaptation Policy regulates the standards of the process of recruitment and induction (onboarding, orientation) of TAURON Group’s new employees. The policy also specifies the rules related to filling both vacant as well as the newly created jobs with people with the desired professional qualifications and competences.

The policy sets out assumptions regarding the selection of employees, understood as all actions taken to fill the vacancy: from the moment of defining the staffing needs until the moment of completing the adaptation of a newly recruited employee. 938 employees were hired by TAURON Group in 2020.


Due diligence procedures employed under the Policy include, first of all, the following structured forms of recruitment:

  • open internal recruitment (announcements in TAURON Group’s intranet, recommendations (referrals) by employees of other employees as potential candidates, e-mail to all employees),
  • closed internal recruitment closed (recommendations (referrals) by employees of other employees as potential candidates, employees with a development potential),
  • external recruitment (advertisements in the press, online, at universities, recommendations (referrals) by employees of persons from outside TAURON Group’s subsidiaries as potential candidates, recruitment agencies).

Priority is given to internal recruitment at TAURON Group, which has a positive effect on the development of human resources within the Group, creates opportunities for promotion or taking an equivalent position in another business unit, and creates natural career paths and encourages employees to further their improvement and development.

Every employee selection process requires an individual approach, depending on the specifics of the given position. The selection of the given recruitment method is preceded by the examination of the internal or external labor market (depending on the selected recruitment form), as well as the analysis of the budget allocated to the given recruitment process.

In order to achieve the best recruitment results with the most optimal cost approach possible, an efficient selection of employees at TAURON Group is based on the following assumptions and principles:

  • selecting employees based on the long-term employment and staff development plans, taking into account planned personnel changes (promotions, transfers, layoffs, etc.),
  • integration with TAURON Group’s Human Resources Management Policy in place,
  • focus on creating choice opportunities through searching for at least several candidates for one job position to be filled,
  • standardization of the criteria used in the selection of employees for specific positions and the application of methods, principles and procedures allowing for an objective comparison of individual candidates within one recruitment process,
  • reliability, impartiality and professionalism applicable to all participants in the selection process without any exceptions,
  • every time maintaining high standards of contact and communication with the candidates (specific rules, among other with respect to inviting the candidates for interviews, forms and scope of providing feedback),
  • maintaining standards related to the use of the selection tools,
  • ethical behavior towards the candidates, including, for example, meeting deadlines, providing information on the results of the recruitment process,
  • ensuring the confidentiality of the recruitment process for the candidates at all the stages thereof.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic underway in 2020, the processes of recruitment as well as induction and adaptation of new employees were carried out online, in accordance with the highest standards and with the use of modern technologies.


In order to adapt to the changes taking place on the labor market, a number of initiatives that enhance the image of TAURON Capital Group as a good and desirable employer are undertaken at TAURON Group.

Job (Career) Fairs

Participation in Job (Career) Fairs organized by the universities is a regular element of the activities promoting TAURON Group in the academic community. TAURON Capital Group promoted its job offers during the 22nd edition of the Engineering Job and Entrepreneurship Fair in Gliwice and the 4th Dual Education Conference – EDUAL in 2020. Participation in the above initiatives enabled promoting the current job offers, apprenticeships and internships coming from all of the Group’s subsidiaries. This form of the employer branding activities also provides an opportunity to conduct an initial interview with the potential candidates, as well as to promote the organizational culture, attitudes and values that the Group follows.

Employee Referral Program

The Employee Referral Program was continued at TAURON Group in 2020. This is an additional recruitment activity that allows for reaching more candidates through the involvement of the Group’s employees in the search process. The goal of the program is to acquire candidates with the required potential, i.e. with the desired professional qualifications and competences, based on the referrals of the people who are already employed by the organization.

The document regulating the implementation of the activities in this area are the Rules for making employee referrals in the recruitment process at TAURON Group. The main benefits of implementing the Program include, among others, the optimization of the recruitment costs, shortening of the duration of the recruitment, as well as strengthening of the involvement of the Group’s employees and of the awareness of their impact on shaping the human resources at TAURON Group.

Cooperation with the education sector

The cooperation of TAURON Capital Group with the education sector focuses primarily on the process of joint practical (hands-on) training of future professionals. The projects undertaken with schools, universities (TAURON Group cooperates with 12 partner universities) or local governments are also aimed at promoting TAURON Group and the energy industry among pupils, students and graduates. As part of cooperation with the educational community in 2020, internship and apprenticeship programs were organized, cooperation with student organizations, career offices and research clubs was undertaken, numerous lectures and profession teaching lessons were organized.

The educational offer dedicated to the energy industry is supported by TAURON Group through, among others:

  • scholarships for the best students of patronage classes;
  • modeling of the didactic processes, organization of training courses, educational meetings both for students of the school as well as its teaching staff
  • participation of TAURON’s Employees in conducting qualification exams, e.g. for the profession of a miner; exploitation of deposits and underground mining techniques;
  • possibility for students to participate in subject matter lectures/workshops conducted by TAURON’s employees;
  • possibility of students to participate in lectures/workshops aimed at developing students’ interpersonal skills;
  • organizing practical classes as well as apprenticeships and internships in real working conditions;
  • equipping laboratories with the equipment required to conduct experiments related to electricity.
  • establishing, in cooperation with secondary schools, of the project entitled TAURON Laboratories. As part of that project, classrooms for teaching science and vocational subjects at schools covered by the Group’s patronage are furnished in a comprehensive manner.

GrEnFin Project

TAURON Polska Energia is taking part in an international project entitled GrEnFin – Greening Energy Market and Finance, which was prepared by the University of Bologna. The project was financed by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus + program, KA2 – Knowledge Alliances. Its goal is to provide energy sector stakeholders (electricity suppliers, private companies, research institutes, etc.) with the training of a sustainable energy specialist on the labor market. The result of the project will be the development of a master’s degree program for EU students in green energy and finance, as well as the development of a training program for the employees from the energy sector already active on the labor market. The academy made up of students and professionals will be conducting summer schools together to test the pilot training module. Additionally, a university pilot class will be launched to test the new path of the master’s degree program studies. Thanks to the participation in the project, TAURON Group will be able to contribute to the process of sustainable transition of the European Union’s economy by investing in knowledge and competences with respect to higher education and vocational training.

As part of the project the following activities were carried out:

  • 10 educational visits to TAURON Group’s facilities, attended by nearly 300 persons;
  • 8 workshops on interpersonal skills, conducted by TAURON Group’s employees for pupils and students (330 persons);
  • 7 innovative projects, conducted both with the universities as well as other companies.