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TAURON Group’s Corporate Purchasing Policy, which has been in force since 2010, implements the priorities set out in the Group’s Strategy regarding ensuring financial stability. The main goal of implementing the Corporate Purchasing Policy was the need to create a transparent, competitive and efficient purchasing organization operating within the entire TAURON Capital Group.

TAURON Group’s Corporate Purchasing Policy enables the implementation of strategic goals of the Purchasing Area, in particular with respect to:

  • improving the efficiency of purchasing processes by implementing efficiency metrics,
  • increasing the use of electronic tools in the purchasing, by developing and implementing the assumptions for the functioning and further development of the Purchasing Organization Support System,
  • further centralization of the purchasing processes by defining, in the Corporate Purchasing Policy, the rules for determining the consolidated categories as well as the key competences and responsibilities of the purchasing category manager, the rules for developing and creating the Purchase Strategy and accounting for the achievement of the purchase objectives.


Due diligence procedures with respect to the Corporate Purchasing Policy include all actions aimed at the continuous improvement of the purchasing processes, both with regard to acquiring goods as well as the operational purchase order processing. To be able to more fully achieve the above objective, the Purchase Order (Contract) Award Regulations and Purchase Strategies have been implemented.

Purchase Order (Contract) Award Regulations

A single common purchasing regulation was implemented for all of the Group’s Subsidiaries in 2015, along with the tender documentation templates. Regulations define the principles of planning, preparation and the manner of proceeding and awarding Purchase Orders. As a result, the purchasing process in the entire Capital Group is transparent and uncomplicated from the point of view of potential contractors.

Purchasing Strategies

Thanks to the prepared Purchasing Strategies, it is possible to develop a Knowledge Base in the Purchasing Organization Support System (SWOZ) with respect to purchasing optimizations used for the given purchasing category.

The above actions are primarily aimed at reducing the risk in the supply chain area and gaining access to solutions and innovations used by the suppliers.

The management of categories is inseparably connected with the centralization of purchases, which allows, among others, for strengthening of the purchasing position of the ordering (contracting) party, the ability to directly communicate with the suppliers at the strategic level, standardization of the purchasing processes throughout the organization, unifying the conditions of cooperation with the suppliers across the individual subsidiaries and efficient planning of the needs.

Purchasing strategies also facilitate an exchange of knowledge in the event of a potential rotation of the purchase category managers and enable long-term collection of knowledge and experience among them.


All of the above activities are aimed at simplifying and standardizing the purchasing process. Increasing competitiveness is a key task for the purchasing area. Competitiveness is a guarantee of the cost reduction, risk reduction in the area of supply chain and gaining access to the best solutions on the market. Higher competitiveness of offers (bids) is also projecting a positive image of the ordering (contracting) party on the market as a transparent and professional entity.