Code of Conduct for Contractors (Counterparties)

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An important initiative implemented at TAURON Capital Group as part of a responsible supply chain is the inclusion of the sustainability criteria into the purchasing process management standard. TAURON Group promotes the idea of social responsibility among its suppliers. It expects cooperation with the contractors (counterparties) who respect human rights and act in accordance with the legal regulations, ensure safe and dignified working conditions and apply not only the highest ethical standards, but also take care of the environment and the climate.

The criteria regarding corporate social responsibility with respect to TAURON Group’s contractors (counterparties) were defined and collected in a single document, i.e. the Code of Conduct for Contractors (Counterparties) of TAURON Group’s Subsidiaries. It has been a mandatory criterion used in the process of qualifying contractors (counterparties) since December 2017. The Code is an applicable standard in the Capital Group, promoting responsibility among stakeholders and encouraging the implementation of responsible practices among the suppliers.


The goal of the Code of Conduct for Contractors (Counterparties) of TAURON Group’s Subsidiaries is to define uniform standards and transparent rules of conduct as part of the business operations conducted by the subsidiaries, in particular with respect to the contractors (counterparties). The Code also includes the rules related to the employee (among others work health and safety, discrimination, personnel policy, forced labor, hiring children and minors), the natural environment (environment protection, responsible resource management, taking care of the climate), interactions with the stakeholders (among others, fair competition, combating fraud (abuse), security and protection of information, investor relations).

The Code is applied in relations with the contractors (counterparties) of TAURON Group’s subsidiaries and is applicable to all employees, members of the management board and supervisory bodies of the subsidiaries, as well as proxies and powers of attorney.

The Code is associated with TAURON Capital Group’s other policy documents:

  • TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct,
  • TAURON Group’s Policy of Respect for Human Rights,
  • TAURON Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy,
  • The procedure for assessing (vetting) the credibility of TAURON Polska Energia S.A.’s contractors,
  • TAURON Group’s rules for organizing ventures in cooperation with external entities,
  • TAURON Group’s Purchase Order (Contract) Award Regulations.


A contractor (counterparty) who takes part in the proceedings organized by TAURON Capital Group’s subsidiaries is obliged to submit a statement confirming that he has studied TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct and compliance with its provisions.

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