Financial goals and assumptions of TAURON Group’s Strategy

Strategy and growth prospects TAURON Capital Group’s strategy and business model in the context of climate protection requirements
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At the stage of preparing the Strategy it was assumed that the activities outlined therein would allow for accomplishing the key goals set for TAURON Capital Group, i.e.:

  1. EBITDA above PLN 4 billion in 2020.
  2. Maintaining the net debt/EBITDA covenant below 3.5x.
  3. Maintaining a high Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).
  4. Power plants generating positive cash flows by 2020.
  5. Maintaining the customer base.
  6. Unit margin leadership among Poland’s 4 largest electricity suppliers.
  7. New businesses will account for at least 25% of the revenue/margin in 2025.

Actions planned for the coming years will allow for arresting the profitability decline. This will be achieved by optimizing the operations in the Mining Segment and the Generation Segment, while at the same time maintaining stability in the Distribution Segment.

The Update of the Strategic Directions indicated the ultimate (target) structure of the generating assets of TAURON Capital Group. The assumed ultimate energy mix of TAURON Capital Group is the consequence of investments in the low and zero emission assets and the reduction in the number of the coal fired units.

TAURON Capital Group’s ultimate energy transition

A natural consequence of the change in the structure (mix) of TAURON Capital Group’s capacity will be a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, which will allow the Company to be ranked among the most environmentally responsible energy companies. Ultimately, it is assumed that CO2 unit emissions well below 550 kg / MWh will be achieved.


TAURON Group against the backdrop of the world’s greatest challenges – climate changes and insufficient resources

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