Process-based organization

Prizes and accolades Organization by Lines of Business

TAURON Capital Group’s organization should be viewed according to three aspects:

  • process (business) related aspect – based on the process structure that clearly defines responsibilities and how processes are implemented. The advantages stemming from the way key business processes are conducted build value and impact the competitive position of TAURON Group,
  • line of business-related aspect – related to the profile of the operations conducted and the place within the Group’s value chain,
  • equity related aspect – the structure of the formal and legal domination of the Group’s subsidiaries.


The regulations implemented in 2018, along with the Business Model, introduced the management by processes within TAURON Capital Group. During the 2020 works on the update of the Business and Operational Model, the functions and tasks performed as part of process management were reviewed.

The process documentation describes the split of competences and recurring actions performed, operational processes, including the descriptions of exchanged products and services. Processes are the superior organization in relation to the organizational structure of the individual subsidiaries and run horizontally across entire TAURON Group.

Based on the main products, TAURON Capital Group’s processes were divided into three groups: management, operational and support processes.

Mega-processes (the highest process level) identified at TAURON Capital Group in 2020

The owners of the mega-processes (the highest process level) are the indicated TAURON Polska Energia S.A. directors. The process documentation (maps, diagrams and process sheets) defines and describes decision making powers (competences) and actions to be undertaken by the individual organizational units within TAURON Capital Group’s various companies. The owners of the mega-processes decompose these into lower-level processes and appoint their owners. Each process has its owner and process metrics defined by the higher-level process owner. The process documentation defines the course of action (interdependencies) and decision competences for the recurring processes.

The goal of the process-based management model implemented was to benefit from the operating synergies among TAURON Capital Group’s various companies, share and use best practices, standardize and automate processes, and also to ensure coherence of actions taken within TAURON Capital Group’s subsidiaries to support the implementation of the Strategy.

The essence of the management by processes lies in the continuous search for and implementation of efficiencies along with the clear and transparent division of competences and responsibilities. Processes are modified accordingly to improve their efficiencies. The process documentation is published in the intranet and available to all employees of the Group.

The competences and process interdependencies described in the process documentation supplement the competences stemming from the organizational structure of the individual subsidiaries and support the operations of the Group’s subsidiaries as a single entity.