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FY 2020

The recent months have shown that thanks to cooperation and mutual trust we can effectively fulfil our obligations even in such challenging market environment.

Jerzy Topolski Vice-President

In order to meet our investment goals, we undertook a number of initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the financial resources. We were the first in Poland to issue sustainable development bonds, as part of which five-year bonds worth PLN 1 billion were issued, with the proceeds to be spent on the Group’s energy transition.

Key Results

PLN 4,038 million CAPEX
Return on investment in TAURON shares
TAURON Capital Group’s financial results in 2019-2020
finance capital
0.7 GW
0.7 GW installed renewable energy generation capacity
kapitał społeczny
1,300 photovoltaic installations sold (7 times more than in 2019)
Electricity production from renewable sources (TWh)
production capital
The number of COVID-19 counteracting initiatives implemented for employees and communities
social capital
The number of the participants of TAURON Group Open University
people capital
PLN 109 million
The total value of R&D projects underway
intellectual capital

Business Model

Supply Trading Distribution Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Heat Generation Mining

The Supply Segment comprises the supply of electricity, natural gas and other related products to the final consumers. TAURON Group is the second largest electricity supplier in Poland. The supply operations are conducted nationwide and on the Czech and Slovak markets. The Supply Segment also includes services related to street lighting, as well as energy efficiency and smart technologies services.

32.43 TWh
retail electricity supply

The Trading Segment comprises electricity wholesale trading, as well as trading and management of the CO2 emission allowances and property rights arising from the certificates of origin of electricity, as well as fuels. also includes the procurement of biomass, as well as the utilization of the mining and burning by-products.

13.19 TWh
wholesale electricity supply

The Distribution Segment comprises electricity distribution using the distribution grid located in the south of Poland. TAURON Capital Group distributes electricity is the largest electricity distributor in the country. It distributes electricity to more than 5.7 million customers in the area covering 18.5% of Poland’s territory.

241,600 km
length of electricity distribution lines

The RES Segment comprises electricity generation using renewable energy sources, except for biomass burning, which, according to the Business Model, is carried out within the Generation and Heat Segments. TAURON Capital Group is a material producer of green Energy in Poland. It is managing hydroelectric power plants with the total capacity of 133 MW, located primarily in the south of Poland, and wind-based power plants with the total capacity of 381 MW, located primarily in the north of Poland.

hydroelectric and wind-based power plants

The Heat segment comprises heat generation, transmission and distribution as well as supply, using co -generation sources. Heat generation is carried out by 4 combined heat and power plants, with the total capacity of approx. 0.35 GWe and 1,2 GWt.

11.6 PJ
heat supply

The Generation Segment comprises electricity generation using conventional sources and renewable energy sources, including the biomass burning process. TAURON Group is one of the largest electricity producers in Poland. Electricity generation by the conventional units is carried out by power plants with the total capacity of approx. 5.2 GWe and 1.3 GWt and by biomass-fired generating units with the total capacity of 105 MWe.

11.4 TWh
net electricity generation

The Mining Segment comprises mainly hard coal mining, processing and sales to the utility scale power plants, heating industry and individual customers. TAURON Capital Group is managing 29% of Poland’s thermal coal resources. Apart from hard coal mining, other mining operations are also conducted, involving open pit extraction of limestone, as well as its processing and sales.

hard coal deposits


Regulated and stable Distribution Segment

Development of low- and zero-emission sources

Conventional generation assets eligible for support

Sales of energy and energy related products and services tailored to customer need

Modern management culture, friendly work environment based on the principles of diversity and compliance

Building lasting relations with local communities and developing initiatives with respect to social and business partnership


Green transition of the power industry is no longer a question of a decision, but the only path we can follow now.

Paweł Strączyński President & CEO

The TAURON Group is implementing the Green Turn strategy. According to its assumptions, by 2030 the company is to generate 66% of its energy from low- and zero-emission sources while cutting CO2 emissions by half. TAURON’s future involves huge investments in wind, solar and, in the interim period, gas power generation as well as investments in distribution networks. Using EU and national funds, we have to create a situation in which Polish companies will gain from the energy transformation.


Providing everyone with access to sources of stable, sustainable and modern energy at an affordable price
  • Increase in the share of installed capacity in low- and ser0-emission sources to 28% in 2025 and to 66% in 2030
  • Readiness to participate in offshore wind farm projects
  • Expansion and modernization of the distribution grid in order to connect renewable energy sources
Build resilient (stable) infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovations
  • Cooperation with institutions and startups with respect to research and development activities and innovations
  • Integration and management of multiple renewable energy sources, energy storage and DSR in such a way that they work as one large power plant (VPP – Virtual Power Plant)
  • Modern grid infrastructure
  • Solutions that improve energy efficiency through the involvement of customers and DSM mechanisms
  • Increasing access to the broadband Internet in areas without access to the fiber-optic network
Make cities and residential settlements safe, resilient (stable), sustainable and supporting social inclusion
  • Improving the security and reliability of electricity supply
  • Development of electromobility: low-emission transportation and
    charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Development of Smart products and services (Home, City)
  • Development of new products and services for the local government as part of resource efficiency measures
  • Development of energy storage facilities improving energy security
  • Improving air quality in cities by expanding and modernizing the district heating network
To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Sustainable management of efficient use of natural resources – implementation of the Circular Economy
  • Management (utilization) of the combustion and coal mining process by-products
  • Monitoring and optimization of water use for technological purposes
Take urgent actions to combat climate change and its consequences
  • 66% of the installed capacity in RES in 2030
  • Expansion of renewable energy installations through acquisitions and new builds
  • Decrease pf emissions by approx. 50% in 2030 (compared to 2018)
  • Gradual shutdown of all obsolete coal-fired units
  • Conducting training and information campaigns on counteracting low emissions
  • Improving energy efficiency, demand side management
  • Implementation of the assumptions of TAURON Group’s Climate Policy and Environmental Policy


Financial capital

We care about the highest standards in relations with Customers, and in ours actions we meet the needs of
disadvantaged customers and sensitive consumer groups. The strengthening of the customer relations is the basis for the Group’s assumed growth.
Financial capital
5.7 million Number of Customers
83 Value of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)


Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our Employees based on diversity, a sense of security and responsibility for each other, good teamwork, as well as opportunities for development and combining social and professional roles.

Human capital
295,000 Total number of training hours annually
8.3 Occupational accident frequency rate


We believe that the growth of a company’s value should be consistent with the interests of the environment in which it operates. Therefore, we attach great importance to good relations with the local communities and to the development of dialogue-based social and business partnership initiatives.

Social capital
144 Number of local and pro-social initiatives that TAURON Foundation has joined
1,000 Number of students in patronage classes


We take into account environmental needs and act in a way that contributes to the broader goal of sustainable development. TAURON’s Green Turn, i.e., investments in RES and transformation of the energy mix, are among our strategic objectives

Production capital
17% Percentage share of electricity production based on RES in total electricity production:
10.5% Share of RES-based capacity in total installed capacity: